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The TNS consists of four venues : the salle Bernard-Marie Koltès (470 or 600 seats), the salle Hubert Gignoux (a 200-seat modular room) and the Espace Klaus Michael Grüber (formerly Espace Kablé) located in the rue Jacques Kablé, which consists of 2 rooms : the Studio (about 120 seats) and the Hall (about 250 seats depending on the layout).



  • Every document, map, worksheet, letter, etc. must be sent to our technical director, Jean-Jacques Monier.
  • The venues maps can be delivered to you in Autocad format files (2000, 2004, or 2009) upon request.
  • The availability of the equipment described hereafter depends on the activity of the TNS and its school. Therefore, it shall be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Every equipment rental need shall be subjected to prior agreement.
  • As regards the companies we invite, specific equipment (filters, gobos, fastenings, special paint, etc.) shall neither be provided, nor paid for by the TNS.
  • Because the stages of the Hubert Gignoux, Studio Grüber and Hall Grüber rooms are not equipped with a firewall, the sets must be made out of M1 materials (rank A2/B-s1 to s3). However, sets can be made out of M2 materials (rank C s1 to s3) provided that Article L79 of the ERP (public-access building) is fully respected.


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